Other awesome things that Stack engineering has built

ScrollStack.com is built on open source technologies. And engineers are always encouraged to contribute back to the community. Our team has open sourced a few packages that have helped us in building scalable platforms that reach 10-15 MM users every months (Scroll)

Here is the list in no particular order

Tiptapy Library that generates HTML output from JSON export of tiptap editor

Pills A simple, responsive, and tiny CSS grid

Dosa Python wrapper for Digital Ocean API V2.

Kattappa A block based rich text editor

Querybuilder JSON query specification and implementation for Python APIs

Converge Ultra simple settings management for Python (only) applications

JSON table editor is a minimal, yet flexible table editor written in javascript. It can format cells and saves in JSON data format.

S3 Dumps collection scripts that can be used to backup data from programs likes PostgreSQL, Redis, Mysql. A fork of S3 Backups, with enhancements such as Python3 support, boto3 and Digital Ocean support.

Portale is minimalistic requests based HTTP/REST API client. It offers different cache timeout policy for each API.

We have built a content marketplace that scales to serve millions of users. We are growing our team to open the platform for creators around the world. Write to us at jobs@scrollstack.com if you like what we are working on.